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GTX 680 overheat solution

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Hi all,

I have a GTX 680 with a reference cooler, and it tends to overheat in-game (start throttling), as it reaches temps of around 70-75 degrees Celsius, a bit excessive.. So I figured I may as well try and re-paste it, would this be worth it? Like at least bring the temps around 10 degrees or so. Or should I get an aftermarket cooler? Or both? Thanks! smile.gif

I was thinking of going with this one, would it be worth it?
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You could get that, an antec 620, and a bracket from Dwood(who is an artisan here) from triptcc.com. This will let you attach an all in one watercooler to you GPU. Nice cheap solution great temps.

I direct you to the following thread: http://www.overclock.net/t/1237219/tript-cc-620-920-h50-h70-gpu-brackets-fan-grills-custom-case-badges
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Would the thermal paste be worth it though? I've been told that the factory-applied stuff sucks, and putting on some high quality stuff can really benefit temps. Not sure though..

But from the temps I'm seeing on the post, the cooler looks great. But just wondering as well if its worth the $20 for the paste or not! Thanks smile.gif
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That paste is fine, but you don't need that much. Just get the small tube: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835100007. It is good for 2-4 applications depending on how much you use.

Also no way to know how much benefit you might get from different paste. The factory stuff isn't so bad nowadays, but their mounting sometimes sucks.
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Should the paste alone bring my temps down to maybe around 60 degrees or so? Cause as long as my GPU's not being throttled anymore, I should be fine.. Cause the 620 looks like a ***** to install :\
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I very much doubt it would get you into the 60s unless the factory did a terrible mount job. Paste vs paste would be a small difference not that huge,
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hmmm... Do you know of any easy-install after-market air coolers? Apparently the air coolers can take off at least a good 10C, but are the world's biggest ***** to install.
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Not that I know of. Aftermarket coolers are always a pain. The Accelero air coolers might be a good bet, but for about the same the dwood bracket gets much better results.
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Great.. Know of anything I could possibly in the world do to fix my problem? Cause after watching a YouTube video of even re-applying the thermal paste, it also looks like a pain.. As in a reasonable chance of breaking my card if I screw something up.
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Those are the only options outside of buying an aftermarket card like a MSI twin frozer or Asus DCU2.
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