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bring my i7-920 to 4Ghz

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following hardware:

- ASRock X58 Extreme
- 12GB mushkin Silverline PC3-10666 9-9-9-24 1.5V
- i7-920 Stepping: ??

What I have working now is:
187 * 21 = 3927 MHz

temperature max is 82°C

what I changed in BIOS:
- BCLK 187
- VCore 1.31250
- VTT 1.340
- DRAM 1.564
- VDrop off
- HT on

I tried with BCLK 190 but Prime95 makes the system reboot after some time.

What i noticed running Prime95 with my 187 BCLK - from time to time the frequency drops to 2244,65 MHz / Ratio = 12 - why is this happening?

261303385103c61ad179c.JPG&w=150 261313555103c883897a1.jpg&w=150 261314145103c8961bf69.jpg&w=150 261312505103c842c6822.jpg&w=150
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my old 920 @ 4 ghz need 1.35 volts this 930 need 1.275
@ 4.2 ghz 920 c0 neeed 1.425 ,920 d0 needed 1.4 ,930 need 1.35 (cant remeber ht on or off. i think on,)
Also if your not doing alot of rendering or encoding shut off HT save on power and heat
vtt 1.88
make sure ram dont go past specs.
your temp seem high. ( i like under 80)
Your stepping is d0 (better one)
If your bsod i 124 is more cpu volt.

920 likes odd muilt

just up the volts. 1.45 is max (i believe memory server right )
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If the voltage regulator on your board gets too hot or can not deliver enough power to your CPU, it will throttle by reducing the multiplier. You might hit this limit sooner when running LinX.

Monitor with RealTemp. It does a good job at detecting the first signs of multiplier throttling.

RealTemp T|I Edition

You can try pointing a fan at your motherboard voltage regulator area to see if you can bring down the temps and isolate this problem.
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Mh - how does RealTemp help? What would be the first sign in RealTemp?

voltage regulator area would be the black things right south of the "ASRock"-labled copper-cooling thing on the picture?

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Yes that where volt reg are.

Can you see what the error is. 124 is low volts. needs more volts to chip to be stable. Most go on Lower overclocks find ~ volt an move up so your not over feeding the chip with volts. 2.8 is stock

try 3.2ghz Then 3.6 then 3.8
Or what ever your pick is . my chip @ stock is .95 volts 3.2ghz is 1 volt 3.8ghz is like 1.15 then 4ghz is 1.275? but i got 930. 920 need more volts. best on 920 Do was .975 @ stock.
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