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Vuze unable to recognize BTGuard Proxy on Mac OS X

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Hi folks,

I'm trying to help my mum here. She owns a Mac (imac 20" early 2009), it behaved a litle dumb and thanks to Xeb's guide I did a lot of tweaking and now the computer is running great! thumb.gif

The problem is, we had to re-install Vuze. We're located in France and my mom uses the services of BTGuard. We follow the instructions of BTGuard as to how to set up the proxy in Vuze and it wont recognize them.

Here are the screen-caps (username & password deleted for obvious reasons).

Some say we have to change the ports.... Anyway the result is this:

We can't download... When I disable the proxys, everything's fine.

Any ideas guys?
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I have this SAME exact problem. I used btguard as well but I thought heck maybe it wasnt btguard. I tried using a random proxies that i found and it turned out to be an issue with not btguard but with all proxies while using Vuze.

As you said, while using my connection without any proxies what so ever it works fine. But when I use a proxy the connection doesnt work at all. When i use a random confirmed working socks5 proxy or socks 4 (like the ipport (socks proxies) free kind on hidemyass) it still doesnt work. Though again when i try to leave everything normal and reset to default bam it works fine.

now i know they say to be anonymous dont forward the port but i tried to anyways using a proxy and the darn thing still dont work even with a forwarded port. bleh....VUZE whats goin on? srsly...

utorrent is slow as cow poop for me so i cant imagine using that since even without a proxy is slow as dirt as when compared to vuze on the same exact file same swarm.

so same problem as you bro. im clueless at this point. I have my antivirus firewall off, windows firewall off encryption off.. nada... nothing still works. reset my connection in command prompt..still no dice.

i think its a bug with vuze. they dont like proxies. the big man probably paid them off LOL. fuuudge. frown.giffrown.gif

so now im on my quest to find a different secure torrent client. gona be hard to part with vuze tho. frown.giffrown.gif since they cant get their ***** together.
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also i forgot to mention that i am using the PC version. so its clearly not a mac issue but also a PC one... frown.gif
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ok after furiously searching i found something called deluge... its freakin amazing. input the proxy and it just works viola. its also easier to setup than the other clients and it just as quick and snappy as vuze. hope it works for u. thing is open source to so its even better. goodluck bro.

solved my own problem...LOL
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Wow thanks dude. I've told my mom, she will try to use Deluge as a Bittorrent client for her Mac. Hope this will sort this issue out. If she encounters any issue I might ask you one question or two about Deluge.

Thanks a lot for the tips!!! thumb.gif
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yeah man they got instructions how to setup deluge on the btguard site prettty easy. just copy n paste the proxy and then with your user/pass on every category under preferences ---> proxy . viola.
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I also had the same issue with Vuze and BTGuard. I recommend using the BTguard Easy Install option which is a pre-configured uTorrent client. It works great.
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