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Hi I recently looked on the asus website and they had quite a few bios updates more recent then mine. I got the file as well as the re namer as the site instructed. I put the new ASUSX79.CAP file on my flash drive and installed with EZ flash. The button flashed for some time and stopped indicating that the process was complete. I read that if the button stayed stable there was an issue, it did not. When i booted up my computer the resolution was way to small which didnt pose a huge problem but then when it showed the mobo logo it then showed the disks in my raid which all were gone except my SSD with the operating system on it. It then gave me a message to unplug hdd that didnt have the OS on it so i did and it seemed to work but then it got to the windows 8 logo,finished booting, then my screen went into digital power saving mode. I tried to re flash it again to no avail. Not sure what the problem is but do you need updates in order? Did I miss something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.