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The R2 will be retailing for less than the original and has more support for watercooling as well.

It's due out in February for a list price of only $129.99 and you could install a top 240/280mm rad and avoid removing any HDD cages whatsoever.

The original doesn't take top rads because of the odd angled 180mm top fan.

The exterior appearance is practically unchanged from the original.

IMHO, you simply can't beat it for the money...
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This is very true, that's a lot less than the 900D and I don't need huge amounts of space for watercooling as it would only be a few components, so I don't need some massive loops, one or two rads would do just fine.

Plus like you said, its also cheaper than the original and without the funny fan, that was the one thing I disliked about the case. I'm sure lowing 2 drives won't kill me, I may only need 8 max anyway. So I think I will use that over anything else, if nothing more than to save a lot of money. So thanks for the suggestions guys, if there is anything else coming out or already out that I missed, feel free to tell me about it. Until then I think I found my case. =]
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BTW - would all your drives be 3.5"?

There's also easily enough room to mount an SSD or two with Velcro in places other than in the standard 3.5" bays.

And, if you aren't using all 4 5.25" bays they can be repurposed, there's a neat 4-in-3 adapter with a fan mount that would still allow 1 ODD up top:


That's another 4 HDD spaces. Just a thought!
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Let's see, my motherboard will have 6 SATA III and 4 SATA II so I will more than likely use 4-6 SSDs and 3-4 HDDs depending on if I want an ODD or just use a USB drive whenever I need one. If I upgrade to watercooling that would be enough room for probably a decent bay res and a fan controller without the optical being in the way.

So I would probably end up mounting the last SSDs somewhere else in the case using Velcro like you suggested.
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Another question, does anyone know how much space there is between the drive cares original position and how thick of a rad could fit there if any thickness would fit? The only concern I have is having to remove the top cage just to install a rad in the front because I need the top cage for all my drives as well as the bottom. This will probably be the deciding factor between the XL R2 and the 900D. I know the 900D is a good deal larger and heavier but it can also hold more drives, though the stock 9 drive capacity is probably all I will need, I don't really need the 15 it can expand to. Unless I were to get like a SATA multiplier card since my mobo only has 10 ports.

I hope all that made sense. Haha
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Well, I don't know all the internal measurements in all those configs - but I'd think of the XL R2 as a case that can take a top rad at the same time as 8+ HDD, and only costing around $130.

It will take a front rad as well - even if you removed one cage you could use the adapter I linked to bring you back up to 8 3.5" bays plus an ODD.

A video review:


I wouldn't really compare the 900D - that will be more capable, for sure - taking multiple thicker radiators and more drives for double the price - they are expecting a $349.99 retail for it.

It also has room for longer radiators - because of the additional fan mounts and larger size of the case.

I'd love one, but it would be a waste considering my typical PC builds...

More info will come as more sites begin reviewing these cases.
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God I love that chick. XD Aside from that I have seen that tastefully done review and it does look quite appealing. The only real problem i see is I was planning on using a bay res, however an internal mounted res is probably a better way to go anyway. So I will keep what you suggested in mind. I think the 900D will only really make a splash with me in terms of actually buying one, if I decide 100% I WILL watercool this rig. I have really yet to do that as of now. And even then there are options like the ones you mentioned. So I am sure either way i will get something I am very happy with.

Not going to lie though, i wouldn't mind having a nice big side panel window to look into. lol That won't be the deciding factor though because i also love the minimalistic design of the XL R2. Gah i hate making hard choices like this. haha I secretly love it though.
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if you are air cooling don't waste $350 on the 900D a define xl R2 is plenty of case with solid air cooling and good water cooling as well if you choose to go down that path in the future smile.gif
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Yeah, like I said, unless I know I am going to watercool I will most likely go with the XL R2. The main thing I am thinking about now is, GPUs and cooling. There are only a handful of GPUs with water blocks of course there are things like the Arctic Accelero Hybrid or using dwoods custom bracket with a Corsair Hydro or Antec Kuhler. I know it wouldn't look as nice and neat with The Mod but it would probably be cheaper and easier. Also seems easier to mount since I don't need tons of space.

I have a question about using a Corsair or Antec though, is it possible to do SLI when using those kinds of mods? Or is that pretty difficult?
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Check out our TJ04-E or KL04, both cases are designed to fit up to nine 3.5" drives with minimal impact to overall cooling performance. Traditional case designs tend to lose a lot of cooling when you start loading up their drive cages, but TJ04-E/KL04 don't have this problem with front intake fans relocated to the right side of the case.
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