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Originally Posted by sebnukem View Post

Thanks a lot for the answer Geneticus. It kind of makes me feel better. I should have found the missing $$$ and bought an HP instead. This monitor is a downgrade from my previous HP 24 inch.

I don't know what you were running before, but this monitor is awesome when it works. Reminds me of the DeLorean, still a beautiful car, when it works. I will probably buy a couple more. If you know your way around a soldiering iron and a multimeter, you really can't beat this price.
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After reading through the wide gamut, 8-bit +RFC panel, color spaces, color managed software etc etc and etc, I'm really starting to shy away from getting this monitor. So, I'd just like to hear from you owners that how have you found the image reproduction overall? Is the colors/saturation off noticeably? Does it bother you?

I also found that Windows 7 is color managed, and that you can set it to emulate the wide gamut RGB color space, which would presumably help immensely, but still not enough to make it perfect (obviously). Ctrl panel -> Color management. Anyone tried that out?
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Yes, the estate is great, and the monitor is cheap, but you get what you pay for.

The monitor isn't recognized by any OS (shows up as "Generic PnP monitor" in Windows) because of corrupt data or bad checksum in the EDID. While Windows will fall back graciously and display the native resolution, Linux users are in for many evenings of xorg.conf hacking to override all automatic settings and manually add modelines to make up for the missing data, which can't be found on the "User Manual", all in Korean.

The blacks aren't black, they are gray. Decreasing the luminosity only reduces the already poor contrast ratio. The colors don't look natural.

The glossy panel "feature" only exists because it makes a product look good (as in shiny) on the store shelf. It's a major inconvenience when sitting on the front of the monitor, provided that you don't want to use it as a mirror. If you do, I suggest buying a cheaper, better performing mirror.

The speakers crack loudly every time the display mode changes. The volume buttons don't seem to work.

The stand is not a stand but just a plank screwed (screwdriver included) to the chassis. Its only function is to prevent your monitor from falling flat on the desk.

Despite all of this, the price can't be beaten. Mine came pixel-perfect, and fast.
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I don't understand why I'm seeing some post of ppl complaining. You all should be thankful they providing us these type of monitors for cheap .. or else you be paying Corporate America Greed $1000+ for such a monitor.

I bet if you put Apple or other high end brand next to these you won't tell the difference .. as for stand and OSD ..why you even need those junk. OSD you use your graphic card or other program out there to config your color way better. And stand, get a freaken monitor arm mount ppl.

Why would you be cheap, you ppl already saved alot of money on these, go spend 60$ for a decent desk arm mount and you amaze how nice it looks on a DESK ARM MOUNT.

I had 27" version overclocked it to 120hz, I sold it to get this 30inch. From 27" to 30" is still freaken nice!

Makes your gaming experience way better, watch movie awesome. can't go wrong ppl..
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I think i found an answer to my own question. No matter what I'd do in Windows, games for example will still continue to display content as sRBG, as will any other non ICC aware app for that matter. Thanks for the info, though.

I personally like the glossy panel with the more crisp image and colors plus reflections aren't an issue here. I just find AG coating compulsive, but maybe that's just me. The speakers and the stand, i wouldn't really mind. 30" 1600p would have just been great for the space it offers, but i also game a lot so the image is more important. Damn it.
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Originally Posted by alricking View Post

I don't understand why I'm seeing some post of ppl complaining.

Hi alricking. Please read my post just above, and you will understand why this monitor is not very good, and therefore why people - myself included - complain.
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Originally Posted by Geneticus View Post

So the PSU is in a U shaped steel cage. The sticker side is the bottom of the U and is the hotter side. I circled the MOFSETs in red. This is the component that normally goes poof from overheating. There are 3 attached to the side walls and one that is left in open air(bottom right of 2nd pic). My bad. on 2nd glance that appears to be a rectifier and wouldn't be producing heat.

I don't have a good way to measure heat, but it would be interested to know what each one temps at. If that open air one is getting hot, that may be the one burning out. The components appear to be fairly basic and easy to replace. I think I am going to add a piece of steel on either side of that open air MOFSET and screw it to the side panel. I'm going to take the whole thing and put a heatsink on the bottom and mount it in an aluminum enclosure on it's side with a 24V fan and vent holes.

I also did a quick search and found this as a possible replacement for a little cheaper than the LOADUS one. It's hard to see if the 24V will be at 7Amps for sure and it will need some kind of additional enclosure to isolate the terminals from shorting on stuff around my desk, however it might be possible to rig something up on the back of the monitor where the VESA plate is.

If/when I get around to opening the monitor up, I'll post some pics of the inner workings and let you all know if I find anything interesting.

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I should be receiving my new power brick tomorrow from Bigclothcraft via FedEx. I hope this gets my monitor going as I've only had 3-4 hours of use so far. It is just sitting around waiting for love right now. Got the 40" LED TV as a backup, so not hard pressed for visuals per se. I'll post the results and continue with my you-tube review (maybe re-do the original one as its too dark) as planned. BTW, are most of you all using your own 3-prong NA power cord in the power brick and not using the adapter that is supplied ? using the EU/Asia 2-prong cord and adapter does not ground the unit.
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I been using the adaptor that is supplied with no issues Eggman64. I did order a new power brick that comes with a 3 prong which I will be using with it. I hope it stays cooler and I don't have t use my case cooler to keep temp down. I order this one http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=400427768952. Bigclothcraft did finally get back with me and sending me a new one but I did tell him I needed a standard US version. I bet he sends me the same one though. Just on side note, my monitor has logged over 200 hours with no issues.
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