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I had issues similar to this on an old AMD system I had, turns out the NIC was going bad. Assuming you have done fresh bare bones installs of windows on minimum hardware (onboard video and 1 stick of ram), I would try to find a friend with a 1155 motherboard which can run your processor test your motherboard and CPU separately. Also, if things really became dislodged, you would want to look closely at your CPU to make sure no pins were bent in the process. Hearing about the heat sink becoming lose during shipping makes me want to blame this on the motherboard or the CPU.

I'm probably going to come off "stupid," but I couldn't run my computer with only onboard video. My computer didn't even run when I tried it. I assume you have to start with a fresh windows and leave your GPU detached? However, I did check the memory and it seemed to be fine. If the issues are with my cu/motherboard as you mentioned. I'd just make the new computer because I already want to upgrade my GPU, Memory, and some other things already, if I'm going to mess with more than that, it's already pretty much a new computer.