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Always Getting a x124 Error While Stressing

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Right, so I've been trying to overclock my 2500k recently and have been having issues. Any clock at any voltage is getting an x124 bsod. I've set the multiplier to 40 and tried a vcore from 1.2v to 1.35v to no avail. I discovered I had a bad stick of ram and RMA'd it but even with the new set i've been having issues. There is a thread on reddit for solutions that have been sugested and failed that i've included below, as well as a link to my motherboard (p8p67-m pro). I'd like to add in advanced that I have seen the guide for this board on overclockers already. Any help would be appreciated!
Edited System Specs:
p8p67-m pro mobo
Ripjaw X series 1600 ram
hyper 212 plus
corsair 750w psu
560 ti 2gb gpu


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Try upping ram voltage a little.
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Ram is rated a 1.5v, how much would you suggest?
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What are VCCIO and CPU PLL at?

Using LLC?

Using manual or offset mode for Vcore?
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Vccio is at 1.05, i've tried upping it to 1.15 or so. I've tried with llc enabled and diabled. offset, I have no direct way to set vcore with the motherboard. PLL can only be enabled or disabled and i have it set to enabled.
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You can only enable and disable LLC? I think you might need a more advanced board -- I'm gaining a sense that you've got a limited set of BIOS features to work with..

What multiplier are you trying to hit?
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Hahaha very limited.. Honestly people have hit 4.8 on this board, I was hoping for 4.2 - 4.4 but no i'm just trying to get to 4
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Does the board allow you to set C states (C1E, C3, C6)? I missed where you indicated the multiplier in your first post (sorry)... downloading the manual now. Have you updated the BIOS?
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No, wait -- your BIOS settings aren't as limited as I thought. You've got 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and full for LLC. And you can do offset mode -- have you tried that?

Tried setting your memory timings manually?

Have you tried running the Ai overclocker to see how high the BIOs could get your CPU?
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Bios is updated, I can set c-states, I thought it was more for x124 when idling though.
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