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My P8P67 Pro died on me. Luckily I have a couple months warranty left, so I'll see how that goes. The PSU goes into auto protect when I plug the EATX12v cable in. I picked up a P77 Extreme4 and new chip at MicroCenter, but was hoping to salvage my old chip. I hooked everything up and now get an error code of 07 when i turn the PC on. Can't find anything about this online, but the manual says this code appears when AP fails AFTER microcode has loaded. I'm guessing microcode is BIOS (or whatever its called nowadays), and my old chip is fried.

Before I open the new chip up, is there any other interpretation? Could the new motherboard have an issue? I've wasted three nights now and would like to get this system up and running tomorrow.. First on trying to get the first motherboard to work. now on building and testing this one. I guess I've at least made progress, though.

Its not POSTing, but at least it turns on. I'd like to get this working first thing the morning since it pretty much controls all the other electronics in my room. Thanks.