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Originally Posted by GSC123 View Post

Thanks so much for the help guys.

Here is the edited build: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/GSC123/saved/2Puj

I swapped the optical drive out for a slim one and dropped the wifi PSI card. Let know if you guys have any recommendations on a good wireless USB adapter or a different slim optical drive than the one I picked.

The Noctua CPU cooler is fan based right? Would the water cooling CPU cooler I selected not work (I was also looking at Corsair H100i.)? Also do I need any other type of coolers for this build (case fans, etc.)

I also changed the PSU as recommended. Is 750w good enough for two gtx 780-ti in SLI or should I go for more wattage?

I have build two computers in the past (with help) that sounded similar to a Boeing 787 taking off. Should I expect this build to be loud? If so... is there anything I can change to make it quieter?

Thanks again for the help guys, it is much appreciated!

1) Cooler Master Eisberg 240L Prestige will NOT fit. Some owners here have managed to fit a 120mm size closed loop--you should look at those posts.
2) Stay away from WCing if you're going to be moving this case around a lot. Air coolers: Phanteks TC14PE, Noctua D14, Thermalright Macho HR-02 all fit, but you need to secure them when you move the case around. I usually stuff the case with cardboard paper when I bring my case through the airport.
3) That's not the correct kind of DVD drive. You need a SLOT LOAD drive. Look up the Silverstone Slot Load Drive.
4) Having 2 blower fans in SLI might be kind of loud. Why don't you just either wait for third party 780 Tis or get third party 780s.
5) Also, since you want this to be a portable powerhouse, I'm guessing you won't be using huge or multiple monitors. So why would you need 2x 780 Tis? IMHO you would be fine with a single 780 or even a 770. Heck if you're going to be staying at 1080p res, even a 670/760 might be good enough.
6) 750w is enough for 780 Tis in SLI. Btw, you might be able to find Corsair's AX 750/760 PSUs for cheaper and they fit fine and are virtually silent when running. Look at post #102.
7) You can buy more case fans. 3x92mm and a 120mm.
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Thanks so much for the info man!

The reason I wanted two 780 TIs is for the oculus rift virtual reality headset which needs to run games at 60 FPS to feel "normal" when your looking around a map. I have the current developer kit which runs in 720p, I plan to get the second developer kit (which will probably run in 1080p) as well as the consumer version, which has been said to possibly run at 4k. Although I only plan to get one 780 TI right now, I do want to make sure I could get another one down the road and run them SLI with this build.

Question though: I'm trying to figure out what third party makes the best quiet video cards. I understand that the 780 TI doesn't have a lot of third party cards out right now, but Is there a gold standard company that makes quiet cards or do you have any recommendations(780 or TI 780 or even the 290x, although I've heard amd cards usually run hotter..)?

Again thanks so much for the already given info brother!
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I think Nvidia's stock Titan /780 cooler would work best.Evga use that,it exhausts heat out the back of the card,so its a great system for SLI.
For silence I'd say the Windforce 3X or Direct CU TOP but they dump heat into the case for the case fan to exhaust.
For a slot load drive
Definitely get the extra fans.
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Guys, need some recommendations on how i should orientate my fans.
I got a sweet deal for a HD 7990 and i am using a SG10 with a Gryphon motherboard
i know that the HD 7990 runs hot and i want to know which configuration will give me the best cooling potential for the card.
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bottom as intake top as exhaust
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I am using the side as intake.. if facing the case, 2x80mm, 1x120mm as intake w 1 80mm on right also as intake.

Noctua DH-14 with fan orientation to blow heat up. Front fan is intake. Rear/top sucks air out. I'm hardly a case airflow expert but I do know that heat rises so it makes a whole lot of sense to have sides/front as intake and rear/top as exhaust being that the rear exhaust sits higher than the PCI-E slots. Just make sure you do the right side intake before you start building. Getting that thing installed once the cables and mobo are in is a huge PITA.

All in all...

strider 850w gold
i7 2600k @ 4.6ghz stock voltage
noctua DH-14 cooler
GTX 780 SC ACX x 2 in SLI config
4x4gb gskill ripjaw w/ large heatsinks

The tricky part was getting the noctua to fit, have what seemed be a proper airflow setup AND be able to clear the RAM heatsink. It is a tight squeeze. I can feel all of the hot air being sucked out of the top if I put my hand over it. It took me a legit 5-6 hours to do all of the cables and building but I'm hardly a pro. The only problem with this case is that if you need to get at anything on the motherboard, graphics cards and CPU cooler need to come out.
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I got a good deal on Gigabyte GTX680 Super Overclock and will be building mATX system around it.

Previously my priority was to get SG10 case, however I am now worried that this GPU will not fit in it due to its dimensions H= 64mm, L=303 mm, W=148 mm.

Could anyone with experience of SG10 case builds please advise if this card can fit in a case.
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SG10b fits up to 13.3" length cards. Take a look at the specs. Triple bay fits fine as well given that there are 4 expansion slots...
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My concern is width restriction of 5.70 inches for expansion card, taking into account that case itself is 220mm.

Is it really that narrow compared to TJ08-E which has width restriction of 6.69 inches while being 210mm.
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I haven't had to remove HSF to get access to motherboard. Removing the 180mm fan from the top gets you quite a bit of access. I have big ol' meathooks, and removing that fan saved me a couple times.
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