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Not sure if its working right (i7 3770k w/ h100

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Whats up guys, first post here. Looked around the website for a little and didnt quite find my answer so i figured i would post my question and see what i get

So i just built my new pc
16g Vengance ram
gtx 680
smasung 128gb ssd
1tb seagate hdd
sabertooth z77 motherboard

So here is my problem
I have an ANTEC Twelve hundred v3 case
I have my h100 connected to the 2 rear fans, in a p/p config.... I have my corsair fans on the outside of the rad, and the antec fans on the inside of the rad ( mainly cause of the blue lights). But anyway, at idle my pc is at 30-40c, which is kinda upsetting, i was hoping to get 20c, and if i put a little load on the cpu, it goes to 40 instantly....

So i did some research and compared the speed of the fans, and i am trying to figure out what to do to make my h100 more efficient?
As well as, the air coming out of the rad is warm, a little warmer than i thought it to be

Case Fans
the 3 front fans are intake (each one at 100%)
Top Fan is an outtake (33%) i figured the less the air goes out the top, the more the air that goes through rad? Am i right?
And the push pull config fans are on low, but use the scale with temp from asus

So i guess my questions are
1) Does having the top fan at 33% increase the cooling effect due to more air going through rad
2) Should the rad be connected to the rear fans, and not the top HUGE fan?
3) Can i change the air flow for the rear fans so that air is coming in( so the rad has ambient air coming in) and build a "DIVIDER" to force that air up and out?
4) What scale should the rad fans be on?
5) And im new at this, so do you have any tips

If you need any other info let me know please!
Thank You
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Hello Shane
You are saying you have a 4 fan push/pull,correct? If you do,the one thing that isn't efficient,is the fans being different. Normally if you're doing a 4 fan push/pull,you want them to all be the same fan. Are your temps at the idle voltage of under one (1) volt? My idle temps are average 27, 33,28,25,where core 1 is always the warmest. Are you overclocking? Even stock,the temp will start increasing quickly. What temps does it max at? Are you using something like Core Temp or RealTemp? Try something like Intel Burn Test to get some quick numbers.Set the stress level to very high. If you are stock,your temps shouldn't come anywhere close to 80C. If you do,IMO,your fans may be the problem. My highest temp with my setup is 85C on core 1. Also,I don't regulate my fan speed. They are connected to my PS,and run full 1500rpm constantly. I doubt very much you will see 20C idle temps with an H100. My .02

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