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DVD Authoring would probably be more accurate... but a dual purpose authoring/Burning Suite would be even better

I know there are tons of DVD Burning Software Suites out there... Roxio, Nero, etc..

but all of those headie CD/DVD Authoring software bundles are total resource hogs.... and slow as molasses.

I've been using DVDFlick for years now... and aside from being 10x faster than its bulky counterparts, its also free (which is a plus).

I'm curious though...
Does anyone know of any OTHER decent DVD Authoring software that can compare with DVDFlick when it comes to speed?
In particular, I'm looking for the fastest software at the actual FORMAT conversion process. While DVDFlick is quick and easy, the conversion is still a bit slow... taking nearly 40 minutes to convert a full length DVD-RDL.

So... in your opiions, what is the absolute fastest software at converting AVI/MP4/MKV files to DVD format?
.. and as an added stipulation, you might as well leave out any apps that eat up 50+% of your PC's resources while burning.
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