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Thank you for reading! In general I'm looking for advice. Among other things, I do cuda research so that I why I have the 3x 680's. Somewhat considering going to 4. Fairly new to liquid cooling. I have read a ton of stickies and other beginner threads. Also I have read many other liquid cooling threads. I'm hoping to be able to make the most of the hardware that I have (ie I'm happy to do overclocking). I also play games but realize that for games this is a bit overkill. This build is in progress.

So this is what I have:

dell ultrasharp 30"
hp lp3065 30"
some Samsung perhaps 26" (Probably will be another 30 sooner or later)

Case labs TH10 with pedestal & bunch of accessories. (absolutely love it! You want to buy one of these.)

3 x 680 evga ftw
rampage iv extreme
intel 3930k
G.Skill ripjaws Z series 32GB (8 x 4 GB) 240-pin ddr3 DDR 1866 (PC3 149300)
samsung 840 pro 256 gb
bunch of western digital hds

ek supremacy
3x ek-fc680 gtx ftw
ek-fb kit fe4 csq
2x swiftech mcp655
bitspower dual d5 mod top/extreme
2x bitspower d5/mcp655 mod kits (black)
3 xspc rx480
ek dominator ram coolers with ek heatsinks
ek 400 mm res
ton'o'bitspower fittings (don't want barbs)

Lamptron fc5v2. Thanks lamptron for the in box 2012 calendar thumb.gif
currently have corsair sp120s on the rads (4 * 3 = 12)
have corsair af 120's for case fans (around 6)
need to buy two 140 fans for pedestal.

So I'm in the process of putting this together. I'm doing bitspower crystal link for all of the blocks attached to the motherboard (ram, cpu, mb, gpu). My goal is to have koolance quick disconnects to allow the motherboard to be removed from the case. It's quite similar to what the singularity dude did with the early version of singularity beast 2. Here are my questions:

Will another 480 rad help at all? With 2 in the pedestal and 2 in the roof. It's not that much more money and I have the room so I'm curious.

Do I need more pumps? Again I have the room.

How bad are 90 deg fittings? I've read so many contradicting reports on this. Is a pure 90 any worse than a dual rotary 90? Can the difference be made up with more pumps? If I were to do a bunch of 90s in my bitspower crystal link config how bad is it?

Anyone think I need a second power supply? Any benefits?

Any benefits to getting faster ram? Read that 8gb ram sticks are slow. Although one could argue that one would be better off with 4 sticks for overclocking. Any thoughts?

Comments on fan choice? My thought is that the sp120s provide quite a bit of static pressure. My hope is that I can contain the noise they make with the fan controller. (ie only turn them on full when doing intensive computation)

Anyone have any suggestions for cable sleeving? I have used modsmart braided sleeving and it seemed fine. Is there anything that is better?

Do I need a filter? I like the aquacomputer filter. Is something like that at all helpful or even necessary? Yes I did rinse my rads with hot water and then distilled before installation.

Thanks for reading. I can provide pics if needed. I appreciate any advice anyone can provide.