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I would suggust either a 670 or a 680 for your GPU then. Gigabyte and ASUS do some damn good cards. I would also suggust to buy your mouse and keyboard at best buy, or if you could find some 1600 or 1866 DDR3 RAM at best buy, then go ahead and do that.

pricy right up front, yes, but this card will KILL anything you throw at it, alot of power. if you wish, you can also look around for anything that you might find more pleasing to the eye.

I cannot help you with monitors, as i am not very skilled in them.
well no one really needs to comment on this thread anymore but thanks for the help, i already had my intel build planned out a while ago. i just did this for the amd 8350 but someone changed my mind on that and showed me there no good. but i think a 670 is a little to much for me especially the gigabyte, if i got a 670 id probably just go a standard evga.