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don't mean to hijack but figured this is best thread for it....i myself am on i5-3570k running at 4.5 with full load on air I'm hitting 80s high 90s.... I was looking to get the RS240 in hopes for upgrading in the future, like adding the XSPC RX360 Triple 120mm Radiator Rev 2. - Custom Painted White one....but was wondering if the pump could handle what comes with the kit : XSPC X20 750 (Black Revision 4)

Pump Performance: 750 lph
Delivery head: 1.8m
Voltage: 12V (4pin)

would that suffice? I also have the Asus ROG Formula V with fusion thermal solution for the VRMs and I may want to put that in the loop as well, trying for the best bang for the buck and willing to go about 275 with shipping give or take....important factors are quality of hardware and efficiency of pump /w add-on rads and/or vrm incorporation into the loop....will not be water cooling VDC...thanks all for thoughts....I'm aiming for high clocks and customability..peace thumb.gif