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Ok, i just got my self a new Case for my new Build. I have yet to complete everything ( just gonna get a pair of GTX 660's Ti) but i was wanting to know about fan placement on this computer. This Computer case is a little different because the mother bored is rotated 90 degrees.

The Two Blue LED fans i have in there are from an older Build. I have an H80 mounted in there with it blowing the exaust throught the top of the PC. The Two 180mm fans on the bottom suck air from the bottom and blow up and out. the Blue Led on the back of the case is blowing out and the two ( can only see one) on the front are sucking air from outside the case inward. Now there is room for 3 more 120mm fans. 2 at the front of the case and one behind the mother bored.

The advice i would like to have is what do you think i should do with the open spots or any of the existing fans. Also i would like feed back or input on air flow direction.

The Bottom Picture is a bad shot of the spot behind the mother bored.

If you need or want to know anything just ask.

Also this is the link to my case on new egg.