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I want to overclock my CPU, but didnt realize that there were 2 different versions of this chip, so i got the I7-3770 non K version, I hate myself now. Anyway, my question is, can i still overclock that CPU, not a hard core overclock, maybe just over 4 GHz. Can someone help me to know what would be a save way to do that. Was told by someone that i could do a bootstrap overclock, what ever that means. cant find anything about that on the net. I'm using a Asus Sabortooth Z77, Corsair H80 for cooling. Any help would be awesome. Thanks
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Welcome to OCN smile.gif

Bootstrap overclocking was scrapped by Intel for non-K CPUs. Now you can only oc the K versions.
You could try to increase your BCLK from 100MHz (default) to around 103 or 104MHz which would make you reach the 4GHz mark, but it also increases instability a lot more and its not recommended.
Best choice is to sell it or swap it for the K version with a little extra cash, or you can swap it for the 3570K and get some cash. Your call.

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