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I have received last week my own Lamptron CW611, nice little device.
Lamptron CW611 needs both 12Volt and 5Volt to operate.

The Auto Temperature setting operates how i like, i have adjusted as followed:
<30 Celcius = 0 Volt
>40 Celcius = 12 Volt

As said before, i am using this Fan Controller to control the Airflow in my closed cabinet. I have there a 7.1 audio amplifier and a Sony PS4. Both produce some considerable heat when the cabinets are closed (how i like it). Now I have the Noiseblocker eLoop B12-2, they start to operate from 1.9 ~ 2.0 Volt.

As i am using 12Volt 1A Power Adapter, i made myself a 5 Volt regulator.

volt regulator schema
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