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3dMark11 score with 1250/1500. My Elpida memory sucks at over clocking. I really think the BIOS is the problem with the Vapor X.

I'm comparing it to my SApphire 950mhz edition which is much more faster in terms of GPU and memory over clocking.

My BIOS ends in (113-210PBBBG-V07).

I recently water cooled my VApor X HD7950 and it is crashing for now reason going from 3D to 2D. I am running the latest Beta bios. I thought AMD had fixed these kind of bugs in the drivers. Irritated that sapphire can't put out a decent BIOS for this card and that AMD drivers are not working very well.

Vapor X HD7950 water cooled is beast in hardware and operating temps but the software side is very buggy. frown.gif

AMD drivers notoriously still buggy. I have same problem with 3D-2D clocks in some games and also sometimes I have a "shimmer" image corruption bug on distance objects such as games like Minecraft. It seems to be a Direct X 9 problem with the 7xxx series.