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I make a overclock to 4ghz all in auto i just disabled the turbo and clock ratio to 40 and set the xtreme memory profile to profile 1.I just want to start understand the basics and learn before oc more or leave it like it is. Here is my settings.

For start its ok my settings for 4ghz overclock?
How i reduce the vcore to succeed lower voltage?
Because when i reduce it manually my idle speed was higher and the full speed lower in voltage.
Then i try this (i read it in a forum): I put vcore to normal option and then dynamic vcore(DVID) to -0.025 and the vcore in cpuz was ok full load at 1.224 as my stock and idle 0.876 as my stock again but idont know
is this right? Or there is another way safer to do the same?
My motherboard is P67a ud3 b3.
Thx in advance.