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Hey guys.

Yesterday I received my second 7850. I had one V1 and the new one is V2 which I don't think matters...
Anyway, I have plugged the second in and updated the drivers, but when I go to CCC and tick the "Enable crossfire" and then "Apply" the screen flashes black, then returns to the desktop.
Then it flashes black again and stays black. The PC fans still whir but I receive no input and have to emergency power off.
Then when I load up CCC again, the crossfire box is un-ticked and the cycle just repeats.

I wonder if anyone could shed some light on an answer, maybe a Win 8 re-install?

Cheers, David

System specs are as follows:
CPU: FX-8120
GPU: 2x 7850
PSU: Corsair TX-850W
RAM: Kingston valuRAM (Just for the time being)
Windows 8 64x