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Server Name: Team Wolf Pack / High~Flo~Diesel Combined Operations
Website: TWPCLAN
Server Address/IP:
Teamspeak 3 Address:
Game Play Type/s: [Creative][Survival][PvE] [PvP]
Additional Worlds: Creative, Extra Nether, End, Multiple Extra Survival and Creative Worlds
Description: TWP/HFD Combined Ops is a partnership between Team Wolf Pack and High~Flo~Diesel to bring you the best minecraft experience and gaming fun! Stop by for some gaming fun!
Rules: No Grief, Raiding Allowed
Server Hardware: Dedicated server: - AMD Athlon 2 Quad Core / 4 Cores / 3.8GHz / 18 GB DDR3 / Hosted By: TRISTAN S. GRAY LLC.
Plugins: [Essentials] [WorldEdit] [WorldGuard] [MultiVerse2] [HawkEye] [LWC] [dynmap] [WirelessRedstone] [SignShops]
Owner/Admins/Moderators: TWPEagle
Youtube Channel: Youtube
Photo Gallery: Flickr