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FX-6300 OC : Low DRAM write speed by MaxxMem

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I stabilized the Vishera FX-6300 at 4.81 GHz with 16 GB DDR3-2133. For some reason the MaxxMem is reporting DRAM writes at 6722 MB/sec while the SiSandra says it is 23.78 GB/sec. I am not familiar with SiSandra and may have run some other test than the raw DRAM speed test. Any comment about the reported speed difference between MaxxMem and SiSandra?

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Originally Posted by zvrk22 View Post

No idea maybe u changed some other setting? When u went to test that in bios. Is u re ram runing at same speed and timings as it did in first post? it was oced then to 1045.

btw heres my maxmem score 8.34GB/s

EDIT: btw u didnt post stock? or i just dont see it? On first page u got max mem says stock and oced but only pic for oced.

EDIT2: lol it was never my favorite program i just closed firefox and re run it. Heres the score 9.90GB/s

Somehow i dont think maxmem is very reliable. I did memory test on aida and score didnt change at all, let alone that drastically.
From topic http://www.overclock.net/t/1348596/amd-a10-5700-reviewed-framerates-frametimes-and-playability-uploading-13-2b4-stock/70

If u ask me u should trust sandra. I also use aida64 for memory test and results dont vary so much.
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Thanks for your comments. I too have my suspicions about MaxxMam. I actually had taken 8 consecutive runs of it within a span of 7 minutes with nothing else running. And I got a fair amount of spread on the data. Worst of all, if the test completes in lesser time, then better is the overall transfer rate. If it is pushing the same amount of data around each time, then there is over 500 milliseconds of difference between the fastest and the slowest time. That means it is suffering from delays it is not accounting for (were ints disabled during the move?) This is just speculation as I do not know what it is doing inside.

Here are a couple of screenshots about it.

But, I am happy. I noticed a few things during the OC :-

1. I could push the FX-6300 to over 5.2 GHz rather easily and it would pass MemTest86 at that speed for hours.
2. At 5.2 GHz, I needed close to 1.55v on the cpu but only about 1.4v on the CPU-NB to pass MemTest86.
3. I had to reduce it down to 3.5 MHz to install Win 7.
4. To stabilize with Prime95 stress test at 5 GHz, I needed 1.55v on Cpu with CPU-NB voltage asking for over 1.45 or more. Even with a Xigmatec tower and push pull setup and with 10F mountain air blowing directly over the open rig, I could not stop the temps hitting 70C within minutes. The temp ramp up was that fast! That's when I called it a day.
5. At 4.8 GHz, it is rock stable with normal 73F indoor air and I can still do all my chores with some transcoding as well with the temps staying below 55c.
6. I tried to OC the 2133 rated DRAM to 2190. Either the M5A97 R2.0 motherboard or the F3-17000CL9Q-16GBZH DDR3-2133 from GSkill prevented me from doing that despite my best efforts. In other words, there is almost no headroom in that combination above DDR3-2133.

Given that the rig is destined to my in-laws who like to do Skype and play some silly card games on the net, it should be plenty. They just wanted a faster PC than their old Celeron!

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