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those are normal temps for running prime 95, try playing a game for a few hours and see how hot it gets
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I was able to completed the Intel burn test at 4.5ghz at 1.296 vCore and PLL of 1.700v and ran successful. After 6 or more hours of continuos playing of Black Ops II system screen goes pale and system requires reboot and all is well for several more hours. I have the 4 sticks of 4g of Cosair Vengeance (16g) memory set on profile #1 which is set for 1600 Mhz. and 1.5v. Do you know if this memory will oc and what timing I should consider changing manually? redface.gif Perhaps should I just purchase 32g of G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM 1333 ram for the Z77x-UD3H board I just purchased? Or which G.Skill should I purchase?
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that vcore is a litle low , just raise it to 1.3- 1.32 and see if you get a pale screen, 8 gb of ram is plenty for gaming
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Thanks. I will do it and let you know how it goes.
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Overnight I allowed Prime 95 to run and system did not crash and no vertical gray lines appeared. The maxim temp reached was 83c so can assume this system is stable at 1.340 vCore and 4.5 Ghz ?

If I was able to boot and run Black Ops II at 4.7 Ghz once and system did not crash. Do you think it is possible to up Vcore more and see if the CPU will be stable there as well? This is just a thought!

rolleyes.gif Will I even notice a difference in gaming at a speed 4.7 Ghz over the 4.5Ghz setup I have now?
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yea but please watch for the temps running prime at 85 c is ok but make sure when gaming temps don't go higher than 70c

i noticed that you are using a hyper 212 i would not go over 4.5
if you want to get higher oc i would upgrade your cpu cooler to maybe a h100i of sf220
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OK. Thanks. I have another issue now. Vertical gray lines appear during computing causing the system to lock up. Is this because the horizontal video amplifier is defective? Perhaps, is it graphic card related?
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