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Urgent help needed - dont know whats wrong (P8Z77-V PRO & i3770k)

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Hi all, long time reader, first time poster. I'm in a pickle and really need your help. I managed to get my rig overclocked. Here are the specs:

AI Tweaker
AI Overclock Profile = XMP
XMP = profile 1 (1867 at 9-10-9-28 2N 1.25V-1.5V)
BCLK = 100
Multicore enhancement = enabled
Turbo ratio = manual
Ratio sync = enabled
Multiplier = 47
PLL overvoltage = auto
DRAM speed ratio mode = auto
Mem frequency = 1866Mhz
EPU power saving = disabled
CPU voltage = offset mode
Offset = - 0.02
DRAM volts = 1.5
VCCSA volts = auto
CPU PLL volts = auto
PCH volts = auto
CPU spread spectrum = auto
BCLK recovery = auto

Load line calibration = Ultra High (75%)
CPU voltage frequency = auto
VRM spread spectrum = disabled
CPU power phase control = standard
CPU power duty control = T probe
CPU current capability = 140%
CPU power thermal control = 140
CPU power response control = auto
DRAM current capability = 100%
DRAM volts = auto
DRAM power phase control = auto
DRAM power thermal control = 110

-P8Z77-V PRO
-G Skill 2X8GB (timings above, the blue ones on Newegg)
-cooler = Noctua DH-14
-temps = 39C idle & 86C load

1) The system is stable but after testing it for a few hours, the CPU maxed out at 86C. That's a little too high for me. So I went back into the BIOS and tried to tune down the multiplier. I set it to 44, but whatever I do, it keeps reverting back to 47 after I boot up and shows up in CPUZ at 4700Ghz. How can I change this back?

2) My bigger concern is that before this happened, I got a warning saying the mobo was at 65C. I dont know what caused the heat spike or what happened (or if the mobo was really that hot). I rebooted, and its back to 28C. Could this temp damage the mobo? Also, what could cause this spike?

The weekend is here and I want to do so much with my rig, but am now stuck until I can fix this. Your help is really appreciated, thanks!
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OK, so I used the Overclockers guide (http://www.overclock.net/t/1291703/ivy-bridge-overclocking-guide-asus-motherboards) and set up EVERYTHING exactly as the pictures showed (everything except that I left the CPU PLL volts to auto, I dont know what this does).

And still, the exact same problem. After booting up, the multiplier is stuck on 47, no matter what I do in the BIOS. I've set it to 42, 44, and 46, and nothing...... It always defaults to 47. Can someone please help me. Thanks guys.
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Reset your using the rest switch if you have one if not remove the cmos battery for a few mins then replace and restart.

ALWAYS unplug the system from wall first so you don't short the system.

Then restart the overclocking I believe you should set voltage manualy and use off set voltage to reduce CPU voltage when over locking to help keep temps down, is the heat sink correctly seated on the CPU what thermal paste did you use was it a pea sized amount to avoid to thick of an application
Take your AI over lock off xmp and select speed manualy.
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Yes please help me then to reset the BIOS. Do I need to open it up and switch a jumper, or can you do it through the BIOS? TIA my friend!
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Im so relieved. Thanks guys. I was so worried the high temps on the mobo messed something up. Do you think 65C could have done damage?
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I think your ok, unplug cord from power supply open case should be a silver battery that looks like a watch battery only bigger remove it for a couple mins and then reinstall it and restart it
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That will reset the bios then we can try the over lock again
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Guys, I reset the BIOS via flashing it again, and it now works. The multiplier went back to 46. I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate the help. I was so worried I messed something up. Now the weekend can get back to normal HAHA. Thanks.
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that is good news glad we could help you out.
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