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Hey there guys. I recently bought a custom built PC online and I'm absolutely in love with it - minus one thing.

The wireless card they've put in it isn't very good. I would go to the extent of saying it's pretty goddamn awful. For example, my laptop with a Acer Nplify 802.11b/g/n card gets 3-4 bars from where my desktop is - whereas my desktop only gets 1 bar of signal. Subsequently my d/l speeds suffer.

The wireless card in my desktop is "NWP300Ev2" from a company called Addon, (yeah I'd never heard of them before either..)

Anyway down to business..

To get better speeds should I either:
  • Buy a new Wireless PCI-E card?
  • Buy new antenna for the back of the existing card?
  • Buy a USB wireless networking adapter (I've heard that their ping isn't so good)
  • Buy a new router, (as well as a new card(?)), Virgin Media's "Super"hub is pretty shocking...

If the first, can you recommend a decent dual band wireless card? I say dual band because I think I'm going to get a new router anyway, so 5GHZ is probably the way forward..
Also, a reasonably good dual band wireless router? Lets face it, anything's going to be better than the superhub haha.

Cheers! rolleyes.gif
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