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Ohhh.. Boy.

Lets start with the fax.

If you have phone wires in your room, then you dont need to cancel one phone number and get another phone number just to have a working fax in your room. Have a tech come out and have him/her wire up the face plate to the same line(phone number) that is in the basement.

Power Line Network adapters.

They use your house electrical sockets and wiring as network lan cables, to give you internet anywhere in the house. More can be found on google.
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Well, I pulled the plug on the WNDR3400v2. I went to Walmart and saw it and gave it a chance.

So far everything looks good. I am getting at least twice the download and upload speed I had with my old router. Still no DD-WRT support though.
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Well, I have finally settled for a RT-N16. Kept dropping signal for the first couple of days, then installed Tomato on it. My heart was beating pretty fast that I would brick it, but everything turned out great.
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