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Two years warranty skins good to me.

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I have 2 xfx 7870 core editions and they came with life time warrenty from XFX.

But like other people have mentioned that they are not a good overclocker they are some what correct i have only been able to get mine to 1125\1400 but that is all a guy needs for your average but if ya want to get crazy and spend the big bucks you can go bigger to the 7950 or the 7970 but the 7870 is a great bang for the buck and its your computer enjoy what you can afford and 2 games kicks butt i got farcry 3 with my cards from Ncix before christmas and i paid 230 for each of my cards and i love them a great deal and would never trade them at this point great brand and have owned xfx many times and never had a problem i had the 6950 and the 5870 in crossfire and sold both sets of cards for 75% of the price i paid so be happy with your purchase and enjoy that card buddy it will be better then what ya had that is the way i always look at it there is always a better card out there that is the way the market goes. lol thumb.gif