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I wasn't telling you that they won't, I'm just saying that it is unlikely based on generic memory (DDR3-1333 CL9 and below) binning patterns, regardless of company. The lowest cost 2x4GB DDR3-1600 kit on Newegg is $42 shipped at CL11 or $45 shipped at CL8, both less and practically far better deals than your chosen kit. I'm not trying to attack AVEXIR as a company; I should let you know that I tend to be brand-neutral/company-neutral as RAM is RAM, a lifetime warranty is a lifetime warranty, and in the end a 1600 CL9 kit from Kingston is no different from 1600 CL9 kit from G.Skill with maybe slight variances if you OC that aren't necessarily easy to predict due to sporadic binning. I recommend based on practicality, and practically, especially since you seem intent on looking for a RAM OC, you should be looking for the best value-performance - and if you plan to net some bandwidth with a RAM OC, grabbing a generic DDR3-1333 kit is not helpful as many have their ICs grab-bagged due to the fact that ICs must only meet the minimal JEDEC standards to pass with the kit, and I've seen users that could not net OCs to 1600Mhz from generic DDR3-1333 kits.

The previous poster stated that his and his friends kits are rated at DDR3-1600 and DDR3-2000 (there are CORE series kits rated at both speeds on Newegg)- there is a substantial difference between this and DDR3-1333 due to the binning fine-line. Your RAM kit is not the same as those RAM kits and you may not get the same results, as you have what is essentially a very branded generic memory kit. If you've tried it, and it works, that's great. It can happen sometimes.

so in shorter sentences would it be better to not bother with the 1333mhz kit and get the 1600mhz and up kits

i was looking at that ram aswell the kit i was looking at is 1600mhz 16gb << any good