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Any updates on your OC Tees? You still running 1100/1400-1450 as gaming setting @1.185v 100% stable? I just bought a pair of these msi 7850s off market place. Was looking to run them at around the same settings. You still find trixx was the best OC program to use?
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I ended up settleing on 1120/1450 @ 1.2v .. target power 120 ..

I set the fan profile very aggressive .. by 50c it's at 100% ..

I haven't had any crashes at all .. It crashed once at 1125 so I dropped it to 1120 and it's been smooth sailing ..

With the fan at that setting I never see anything above 60c

case temp is <10*F over room temp though

With the cpu and gpu cooling fans there is a total of 10 in there .. the case fans are all 15db ish fans so it's still quiet.
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oh : OC tool ..

Trixx and Asus Tweak were both about the same stability but I love the monitor that's built into Tweak so I've been using that one .. I think Trixx is probably better for pushing the clock above the normal 24/7 settings thought.
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Is power target controlled in CCC? Sorry, i dont have newer gen cards where power target was ever a thing. Also, is overdrive disabled in CCC for you, and you just using the secondary tools to adjust everything? Also, I like having on screen display when i play games as well (temps, core speed, volts), which i know afterburner and evga precision can do, does trixx? Also, why are you trying to keep your cards so cool, I would think anything around 70-80C under load would be fine and perfect stable, right?
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So many Also's, but I have so many questions ^^
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I'm attempting to overclock my MSI 7850 Twin Frozr as well and trying out Asus GPU Tweak. How come my Memory Clock is showing 4800 on default..?

EDIT: OH I just saw that 1450 is 5800. How come it's like that anyways?

Anyways, how come I can't go past 1050 Core GPU Clock?
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Originally Posted by StampedTees View Post

I ended up settleing on 1120/1450 @ 1.2v .. target power 120 ..

i never saw any difference between target power 100 and target power 120 in any benchmark (tested both for weeks). Why do you bump it?
Also i don't get the point why people overclocking their vram. It doesn't give you any performance boost and in the worst case it will cause instability + most cards don't have coolers on vram what makes it become dangerous. Vram is one of the top reasons on defective cards and i don't think 0,2% performance boost is worth the risk.
Don't get me wrong, im just curious,

Running my card at 1110mhz/1200mhz @ 1.130v rock solid for months now. I guess there is room for more, but then i would need to modify the fan profile. Worst case scenario i get 77°C.
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I got my crossfire msi 7850s installed today and was able to test some OCs using heaven benchmark and a little bit of bf3. These are my results so far.

1070 core @ 1138mv (stock)
1125 core @ 1175mv
1165 core @1225mv
1165core & 1350mem @ 1225mv

1165 core was the max I could get fully stable while running loops of heaven and about 30 mins of bf3. I would crash at 1175core in heaven. At 70% fan speed, the cards never went over 61C, so im very happy with the cooling as well. I did notice that for every 50mhz more on the memory, id get about a 1.8fps improvement in heaven. Im afraid to run the cards at more than 1350 mem though because I dont want to damage them long term.

I bought these cards as a side grade for my sli gtx480s in order to save power and hopefully cut down my $160 electric bill. With the 1165 core OC, these cards actually beat my 900core/2000mem OCed gtx480s, which I was pretty surprised about.
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