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Today I swaped out the two Antec h2o 920 fans for Noctua NF-PWM 120 mm fans.Running real quiet 1326 rpm.The outside fan I control through the alienware thermal software.The fan inside the case hooked to the Antec pump,on silent it quits spinning.On extreme it goes to 1260 to 1380 bouncing around.I think its best to hook both noctua fans to the motherboard,it seems to adjust the fan speed a little better with the thermal software,where the one hooked into the antec pump is only full speed, and silent it stops the fan from spinning completly.I got a fan controller a NZXT Sentry 2 just in case they would not work in mb.The fan controller can control 5 fans but I noticed it has 3 pin white connector with two male pins inside.How can this fit in a fan that has 4 pin female connector.On the nzxt directions it says if you hook up PWM fans please purchase a seperate converter for it.Is this a adapter to go from 3 pin connection to 4 pin.If anyone knowes what kind of adapter this is please post so I can get a couple.If I can not find the adapter I will take the fan controller back to computer store and run both fans throug mb.At least I can dial down the speed with the alienware thermal software and just use the antec chill control to monitor the pump speed to see if its working ok.I really like these fans,there really quiet at full speed plus keeping the radiator temp at 32.3 cel at idle.Playing a game like world of tanks online, the rad temp is 38 cel,with a core temp of 64 cel for my I7 960 3.2 overclocked a little to 3.6 ghz.Anyway what do ya think.Fan controller, yea or nea.Or plain jane into motherboard.