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Athough I asking for suggestions for a Mouse Pad, also looking at or for the right settings for me.

Ive been out of the "gaming" long for a long time, games. And the last mouse I had didnt fight me was the Logitech MX 310 Optical Mouse, but didnt fit my claw grip, didnt know that back then.........

I now have a:

CM Storm Inferno
Claw Grip
Micro sensitivity
Games ATM, Black Mesa, HL's, Skyrim, Serious Sam HD (might get Sam3 later), Might get into Arma and or Crysis later. Also would lover to find an old school RTS.
Dont have a set budget, just something that works.

Here is two pads Ive tryed and failed:

Ive also tryed my wife's mouse a MS Sindwider X3, and pickup the mouse way too much for my likings.

The thing is with the CM Inferno, its too slow or no control. And when I find the speed I want, using webpage (fine clicking) I end up overstering the mouse. So, maybe two settings, one for games and one for web/Office?