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2630QM throttlestop 5.0, BD PROCHOT

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I am running a 2630QM processor in a Sager 8150hm gaming laptop. I have noticed that it throttles back from 2.6 ghz while running intel burn test to 2.0 GHZ , this throttling occurs at around 70C

this also happens to a lesser degree on other stress tests like Y-cruncher and super pie

I installed throttlestop 5.0 and unchecked the BD PROCHOT box, set multiplier is set to turbo and throttlestop is turned on . this is having no effect . the disable turbo box does work which at least proves that the program is working

is there another way to prevent throttling . I want my 2.6 GHZ multithreaded speed that I paid for . not 2.0

I have a large 180 Watt power supply and my laptop CPU never gets above 74C on any stress test, I have never had BSOD problems or overheating issues

any advise is appreciated
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Have you gone into your BIOS and disabled Speedstep and C1E?

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With a locked Sandy Bridge mobile CPU, I would leave EIST - SpeedStep enabled.

Can you post a screen shot of ThrottleStop while fully loaded that shows it running at 2.0 GHz?

2.6 GHz is your maximum speed when 4 cores are active but Intel Turbo Boost can be limited by power consumption or core temperature. It can also be limited if your on board voltage regulator is telling your CPU that it has reached its limit. This limit has nothing to do with the rating of your power adapter.

Can you post a screen shot of the TPL window in ThrottleStop? Are any of these values adjustable? Many bios versions lock the power register in Sandy and Ivy based laptops so software can not adjust these values after you boot up. Are any of these values adjustable in the bios? If these are locked, the only way around this is by using a modded unlocked bios, if available, but I wouldn't recommend that. It's usually not worth bricking a laptop for a tiny increase in full load performance.

Also post a ThrottleStop log file while doing your full load testing. You can copy and paste some data to www.pastebin.com and then post a link here.
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under throttlestop TS bench @1024M the processor runs for 5 minutes @ 2.6 GHZ until it reaches a temperature of 70C , it then lowers to 2.5GHZ. if I run the fan at maximum, the CPU runs @ 2.6GHZ for the whole benchmark.

as for intel burn test the CPU starts off @2.6 GHZ but within 10 seconds it hits 62C and reverts to 2.0 GHZ for a few seconds . for the remainder of the 300 second test it bounces between 2.0 and 2.6 GHZ. the test temperature slowly rises to 70C

both the TS bench and the Intel burn test are run using 8 threads and load the CPU 100%

both benchmarks have improved performance when I turn the fan from the auto setting to the max setting.

I notice that the Intel burn test raises the temperature on the CPU much faster than any other stress test, it also turns off the turbo at the lowest temperature. All I can conclude is that the power draw of the CPU is somehow formulated into what the max temperature will be when the turbo is limited.

the turbo seems to always be off at temperatures above 70C. this is unfortunate because I would prefer to have the 30% performance boost of the 2.6 GHZ up to 90C

I understand that most programs do not put this kind of load on the CPU, but many programs like bitcoin CPU mining,Seti,intel burn test,passmark and ycruncher do.
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Sager has a very basic Bios with no such options

turbo works below 70C only
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