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Overclocking i7 2600k above 4.5Ghz

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I am new to overclocking and i have currently got my 2600k at 4.5Ghz at the moment with temps at mid 60's under load. If i wanted to boost it up to around 4.8Ghz, what would require changing to make this happen?

intel i7 2600k
Gigabyte z68-ud4
2 x Corsair Vengeance 4GB

if you need anymore information let me know.

thumb.gif Thanks in advance.thumb.gif
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Pretty much the same stuff you already changed - increase the Vcore some more and, most likely, increase your setting for LLC since you'll get more Vdroop. You'll also probably need to enable Internal PLL Overvoltage if it isn't already. Otherwise you shouldn't have to do a lot of tweaking, just watch the temps as they tend to really go up once you start adding the voltage. You'll probably need something around 1.4V for 4.8.
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Right ok, ill give it a go now and report back after.

Thanks for the speedy response.
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My multi-steps load -line is currently set to disabled. What should this be changed to. Apologies, I forgot to mention in the original post that I have only changed the multiplier.

Thanks again
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Here are my settings so far.

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I would turn up the Turbo Power Limit and the Core Current Limits, and then change the Multistep Load Line to something in the middle of the range - not sure what settings Gigabyte has (some have names, some have numbers, some have levels). Then just work on boosting the Vcore until you get it stable.
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Right ok so I have changed the load line to level 5 out of a possible 10 levels and also changed the turbo power and current limit up to 110. Do you think this is sufficient?

To check the vcore, I'm guessing I just raise the voltage if I get crashing/bsod?
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That should be good as a start. If you still see a lot of Vdroop (where the load voltage drops significantly from the idle voltage) then you can increase the setting for LLC. Otherwise just test for stability using IBT or Prime95 and increase the voltage as required until you get stability. Try to keep the temps in the 70s if you can. The current/power limits should be fine, but if you see unexplained frequency drops under load it might be a sign that the system is power throttling and you'd need to increase them farther.
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Ok, I'm about 10 mins in the stress test and its holding out ok so far. Highest its gone is 69c.
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I would aim for 4.7 GHz first and see how much VCore it takes. Going past 1.40 V isn't a good idea, even if some people disagree.

The settings seem fine. I'd up the current capability to 130-140%, the load-line calibration to maybe 8/10 and lower the PLL to 1.70. If you can't boot anymore, increase the PLL voltage. From there it should be a matter of VCore.
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