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I setup Ram Cache... but......

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I have a question rolleyes.gif

My transfer speeds are through the roof now thumb.gif But I am wondering transfering files from one HDD to a SSD some files transfer over 4gb a sec.. Some transfer at 250MB/s?

Wondering why that is? Or does it not effect file transfer and only the use of programs?

Got 16gb ram all up (going to 64gb in a month or so) running at 2133mhz

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It depends on the size of the file in relation to the block size. You need to remember that even though you've got the cache, which is kinda pointless tbh, sometimes it'll have to wait for the mechanical drive or the SSD drive to move the files.

In essence, you're wasting your memory.

A RAM disk like that is normally used for storaging large rendered files that you don't want to wait for. For example if you were running something like AutoCad or 3dsmax or MAYA etc. These files can be HUGE and can have hundreds of thousands of objects, these take time to open up. You throw your cad file onto a RAMDisk and BOOM, it's open in seconds rather than 15 minutes.

Using a RAMdisk for transferring files is pointless since you'll always be limited to the drives you're transferring from or to.

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Hey mate cheers for the reply, And as i totally understand what you meant, i just did some further testing, and i found that when i rendered out a 3Ds max composition, which ended to be around 118gb i transferred it within 10-20 seconds. It seems files that haven't been cached prior to the file being made it will transfer slower. Tested this and it deemed to be correct.

Will try again on my next project and confirm if that is the case.

I do notice a difference in speed though.. Maybe it's just a placebo effect lol
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You could notice a performance increase but that'll be because (I'm guessing) less data going through your SATA controller or something. I know that the Z68 motherboards had an SSD cache port on them so this will work on the same principle

When you look at the cost of memory though vs the cost of an SSD, you can see that using your memory in this fashion isn't the most cost effective way of doing it.


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