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I've never messed with CF so I couldn't tell you. I have friends with plenty of CF issues though.

I wouldn't bother putting a 7970 in that system myself. I think at 19x12 resolution you'll start to bottleneck too much. Even a 7950 will probably bottleneck somewhat in a few games, but not too badly - I think that would be the best match-up. (I'm running 19x12 myself).
Hmm ok. I haven't had problems persay with it. It rebooted my machine when i originally put it in (windows configuring it) and I freaked out at first. My Diablo 3 runs at 120fps now lol so I vsynced it and no problems at all (I know def not a demanding game). I'm debating reinstalling origin *shudder* to fire up some bf3 and see how it does. If my buddy still had his 1366x768 or whatever monitor this setup would destroy most games lol...unfortunately like most people we have moved to 1080p or, in my case, 1200p lol