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Help with sound popping and DPC latency

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I recently built a new computer after my old one crapped itself but I've noticed a constant popping or crackling sound whenever I'm playing music or listening to any sort of audio. After doing some research, I found that DPC latency may have something to do with it. I ran the DPC latency checker tool and my latency usually averages around 700 or 800. Mine does this odd thing where the latency starts off at about 1500 and gradually drops down to 300ish and then dramatically increases back up to 1500 (or more) then the pattern repeats itself over and over. I have tried disabling all the drivers that may be causing the issue to no avail. I have even formatted my computer and run the tool again with a fresh installation only to see the exact same results (the sound also still pops when I'm playing anything with the fresh installation). I flashed my BIOS with the latest update and the issue is still there.

I tried to rule out different components and started with my sound card. Used both the onboard sound and the sound card but both have the pop. Used headphones to rule out speakers as well but again, the pop is still there. I've read that Nvidia drivers can cause some issues so I ran everything with the Windows default drivers but with the same issue. I'm going to see if for some reason my SDD is causing this too.

Anyone have any other ideas?

My system specs are:
Motherboard - Asus Z77 Extreme6
CPU - Intel i5-3570k
Ram - G.skill Ares 1600 8G
GFX - Nvidia GTX 670
SSD - Samsung 840 PRO
Sound card - Asus Xonar DG
OS - Windows 7 Ultimate
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Is your soundcard placed really close to your GTX 670?

Check your drivers as well, one by one. Because that Broadcom BCM57781 LAN chip in that Asrock Z77 Extreme6 (not Asus, I know it's easy to get the mixed up) you have has been quite the culprit to some high DPC latency issues.

Also, did you use the Low DPC driver from Uni Xonar Drivers website?
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The GTX is in the slot furthest away from the sound card. You've inadvertently reminded me that what I haven't tried is switching the video card altogether as well, who knows, might be some sort of interference from the beast. Oops, yes, Asrock. I tried disabling things one by one until basically nothing was left on to no avail. Yep, I have also tried the low DPC driver. I also recently tested the digital output and the same problem is still there.

I think I might even try exchanging the motherboard at this point....

Also, just for reference, this is the strange pattern in my latency that I was talking about

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