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Where/what to buy + options

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Hey everyone, after lots of consideration + reading I am finally going to go towards phase change for my CPU cooling. I have been thinking of building myself a unit but I would like to have a pre-made one to be able to compare efficiency + gain hands-on experience with the tech as I have previously only been into water/air for cooling.

I am looking for a solution that will be "permanent", meaning I wish it to be aimed for closed case, as of now what I know could be a solution is:
1- A vapochill unit under the PC case with a hole in the case to pass the evap.
2- A LD-PC v10 case with integrated phase change

I am under the impression a separated unit and case would cost much less than the case combo from little devil. Am I correct to believe this ?
I am aiming for high overclock sessions of 4-5 hours and will use this most of the time with a FX-8120 CPU (as I said this would be permanent in my system) and a more conservative 4.7GHz at other times.. just to give an idea of the load..

Are there other brands I should bee looking into ? I have checked out some of the systems members build for sale but then again most of what I find is 2 stage cascades or custom systems, I rather have a single stage prebuilt and go further once I got experience with it + built my own single stage from some old AC..

I'm located in Montreal, Canada and would definitely buy local if anyone knows of a manufacturer/builder close by. I would consider a maximum budget around 1400$ for case + cooling (which is just about the price of LD-PC v10) but would be much pleased to find anything cheaper !

Please do tell me if i'm missing information and thanks in advance for comments/suggestions.
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Yes the separate system will be much less expensive. LD's work is great, but his case is something like $400+ or what not.
I'm currently not available for customs, but I'm sure someone else will pop in here and let you know what they can do. I think up in Canada you'll probably have to consider USA builders.
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Thanks, Ill be looking at units in the contained format and modding a case for it, hell if the unit I build ends up something decent this could extend it's life for a test bench etc. I had already looked up some manufacturers but I seem to be unlucky in my findings, the units that have been produced commercially that I found seem older and online vendors mostly lead me to place like frozen cpu where I found a "limited" catalog (see what I did there? ) Am I correct in assuming my best bet is in contacting someone right here ?
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