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What is wrong with Gigabyte? I've been using them for 10 years now, they've not once presented an issue to me.
Kingstons been good to me too. The PSU yes that I know its a bit too much for what i really need but that I didnt have a choice.

comps I'm not saying your setup was bad at all. But im also not saying it is better. I think one could do some damage on any oneset up and not see a significant
difference.its past that point when you are on this level of system power.
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Nothing's wrong with gigabyte, however you previously pointed out the Assassin and not the UD4.

Again, nothing wrong with kingston Hyper-x, there are just better, cheaper memory modules out there.

PSU is just a simple too much.

Also, just look at the price differences, you're looking at $100 and getting a much better machine if you built it yourself. Again, nothing wrong with the machine you picked other than the shoddy GPU.
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Yup I had no choice thats why I posted I had to go with the UP4. I wanted the assassin because of the auto "overclock" which isnt a true OC but enough for what I was looking for - saved time that I dont have, Again though I can't call the vid card shoddy, for me shoddy indicates non-working or buggy. I havent issues with them ever. Not the most powerful? YES indeed I agree with that but that too Ive reiterated I dont need anything super powerful in the vid dept.

The point of building it myself, i just dont have the time nor the patience presently to do that. Ive done it before and to get cpu seating right and get everything else stable plus the physical build takes some time. I dont have time lol Im already gnawing at my nails waiting for the new system
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ok so the new system is awesome, I haven't OC'ed it yet. But I am having one small obstacle. I want to install 2 drives from my previous sytem, they are HDD's Hitachi's, 3G/s sata. For some reason, they aren't showing up when I put them in the hot swappable bays. Power and sata cables are all connected. Any ideas?
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Ok right click my computer and select manage, find the drive and assign a letter to the drive e.g D:/ if you want it formatted select that before assigning a letter. You should be good to go :-). I may have missed a step but doing this off memory.
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