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I've had this problem for about 3 months whereby the GPU downclocks itself 405/810/324 from the standard 550/1323/1800 randomly. Sometimes this happens as I'm running a 3D program like games while at other times this occur immediately after Windows startup. Even using utilities to try to return the clocks to the default values don't work sometimes.

I'm quite sure that this too is not a temperature issue as the downclocking occurs at even 60 degrees Celsius or at boot, which obviously the GPU can't be overheating yet.

I thought this was a problem with the GPU itself and so I brought the laptop for service. To my horror, even after the installation of a new replacement GPU, the same behaviour is exhibiting again. Therefore I suspect that this might be a driver issue.

I've just tried installing the 260.99 drivers and they are doing the same thing as well. It seems like it only downclocks now when I exit a DirectX application and will refuse to clock up again.