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BSOD 07b

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After having attempted insert an additional ddr3 stick of ram into my system, cleaned the system with compressed air and removed my sata DVD/CD drive to use it on another machine, I receive this blue screen:

 Stop: 0x0000007b (0xfffff880009a97e8, 0xffffffffc0000034, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000)

I've since removed the 3rd stick, reinstalled the dvd drive and confirmed in another machine that the original sticks of ram are good. My hard drives are connected and powered.

I'm running 7pro and OS repair via the install disk does not fix it. Having read the thread below with the same BSOD and other threads on this error, I do not have IDE on my motherboard for the BIOS switch from sata, nor does new ram fix it. Aside from a fresh version of windows, would anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance.


I know just enough to get me in trouble, so please excuse me if this doesn't mean anything but BIOS frequency gauge shows my system maxed out in the red at 3.10 ghz.
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That error appears when you have not set the HDD profile to AHCI or when you don't have updated drivers. You could post your query here and someone might be able to help you out

Also fill in your rig in your sig to further aid us
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Thanks, will do. Thing is I can't find the AHCI option in BIOS which I'm figuring is because I don't have IDE on the board
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