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Computer is up and running, will post pictures as soon as possible. I'm having some overclocking issues with it though. Every single time I go into the bios and up the multiplier even by 1, for a 100 mhz overclock, it does not boot. It will not boot, at all, past 3.9 ghz. The weird thing though is that with catalyst, I was getting 5.6 ghz stable clock...but when I went to actually apply the overclock, my hardware monitor, bios, and catalyst, and dxdiag, would show that it actually UNDERCLOCKED itself to 3.3 ghz. I'm trying to figure out the problem. My vregs are warm to the touch, and my CPU temp is @ 45c under 100% load, 23c idle. Screen shots will be posted when I get home from work. You would think a 1.4vcore @ 4.2 ghz would be ideal...

Oh another problem I just remembered. It won't allow my 2133 rated g skill to clock at 2133. I just get a bsod. I've tried raising voltages but to no avail.
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Looking forward to benches, I have a very similar build planned.
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New pictures everyone!

Successful overclock also!

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Nice. Now for benches!
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So a tip for anyone buying the Asrock fm2a75 pro4-m...update your bios!!!!! I ran into a lot of overclocking issues running it right out of the box. A lot of you seasoned builders and enthusiasts already know this, but if you're one of those enthusiasts, I don't think you'll be looking at an APU build hahaa. Just a bit of advice if anyone is wondering. Mushkin and ADATA are my top choices so far, but I won't knock down samsung...Well I bought two different types of g.skill with a rated 2133mhz clock, none of them ran at the posted speed and only overclocked to about 1866 mhz. I also downloaded 347 gb of anime ......

I love you Japan...
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Nice update. Now for benches, lol.
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op delivers!!!
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Nice!! I'm doing this same build at the end of the month hopefully, except mine will use my current HD 6670 which is GDDR 5.

Edit: You tried any games yet?
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I just did 3D Mark Vantage on Performance Presets and scored P6884 on my sig rig. Graphics was 7754 CPU was 5151. My CPU is no good...

Edit: My graphics score is not much less than yours, maybe 3DMark Vantage doesn't respond as well to Dual Graphics as 3DMark11?
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