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I was suprised about this but I sold the receiver more than I paid for so that was good. I did buy a new Sherwood RX-4109 receiver from RadioShack since it seemed like you guys were saying that the Insignia one might be built cheaper. But seems like there are no facts showing that the Best Buy brand is made cheaper all I knew was that the NS-R2001 was the same as the RX-4109 but just changed the interface like the front of the receiver.

Anyways is Sherwood receivers good? Since I did own one for a little bit before but I never compaired them to other receiver that are basicly 2 channel receiver. I don't know if the Sony 2 channel one or so sounds better but I know it costs $40 more since the Sherwood is $110 now it use to be $100. I don't know why it went up $10 more at RadioShack.