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To be honest with you, the Asus board that i have at the moment has not been overclocked at all. Just the same as when i bought it. But i think that i am going to look in to overclocking the new board.

I think its much better to go for a cheaper board like the one you suggested and then get myself some ram. I think that more then 16gb is not needed. And i also have a 250gb SSD hard drive and it runs extremely fast.

Thank you once again for your help
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Ohh that sounds good. I think that the motherboard you suggested looks great. What about this one: MSI Z77 Mpower. It looks good and the spec seems to be good also.

And why are some 1155 sockets like £250 and some are £180 and have pretty much the same spec??
Generally the more expensive a motherboard is, the better the power delivery will be. So better quality MOSFETS, capacitors etc. This allows for better overclocking.. More expensive boards may also have a PLX chip which allows for more PCIe lanes.
That's why the UD3H is so good, it has similar quality power delivery components as some £200+ boards do.
The MPower is good and it looks awesome but the UD3H is better, the MPower doesn't support offset overclocking (AFAIK) which is odd for a board specifically designed for overclocking.

Yes yes yes.

In anycase, OP: these "good vrms" actually when put in context, are not worth an extra $50... unless you need XFIRE/SLI, a simple solid solution should work.

For me, 970a-ud3 worked wonders as the budget solution for AM3+ overclocking on my previous 955 and i recommend it everywhere if people are using single card solutions and need a minimal cost mobo that clocks well and is cheap.

If you fit the same category, there are similar equivalents in the Z77 selection. Just a heads up that you might not want to burn money buying features you won't use.
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