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Windows errors after overclocking?

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Yesterday i did my first overclock (4.5 ghz @ 1.3V) on my i5 3570k and stressed tested it for about an hour useing prime 95, everything was good. then i went into WEI(Windows experience index) and it would either crash of give me another error, because a was getting other errors wtih windows even before i OC'ed i just reinstalled windows. so i did that installed all my drivers, ran WEI and it worked fine, and windows was running smooth. i decided to OC my cpu again, ran prime 95 for 2 hours all was good then i started installing some of my programs back and i was getting constant windows explorer crashes, browser crashes, WEI crashes. but never got a BSOD.

So what am i doing wrong here? temps are good, i know i didn't stress test very long but all seemed stable.

I used two diffrent overclocking tutorials and each time i overclocked i would get windows errors.

here are my specs.

Intell i5-3570k
Asus p8z77-v motherboard
8gb G.skill ddr3 1600mhz ram
Gtx 670 ftw
Corsair 750w psu

I never had all these windows problems before overclocking, i'm am assuming this has something to do with the ram.

Thanks for the help guys.
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yep I have battled with the same thing up until the other day. WEI would crash and some say who cares about WEI but I reakon its a good test of an overclock. Try and bump up the voltage a bit on the CPU as I think it stops testing floating point (well mine did anyway) I am running 4 sticks of 4gb 1600 memory and the voltage fixed mine. I am now running 4.6 at the same voltage I had 4.5 with 1.35v in the bios and 1.27v in windows. thumb.gif

Edit - Welcome to OCN too mate wave2.gif
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It's not just WEI, it's windows explorer, internet browsers, some drivers. They all start crashing after OC mad.gif

Another weird thing is that resetting bios won't fix it after OCing, I have to restore windows every time.

EDIT. You where right, even though the stress test was stable low voltage was causing the issues, thanks for the help
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Glad to hear you have it sorted.
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A good way to check for those edge-of-stable cases is to check the event viewer logs for WHEA errors. They tend to show up on Ivy chips when the voltage is just a touch too low, but still high enough to pass Prime.

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