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Making my own ssd mount question...

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I wanted to make my own SSD mount using 90degree angled aluminum (it will be mounted behind the mobo tray). I'm looking for a springloaded bolt or something like this:

but SSD mounting hole sized, so really really small comparatively.

Basically, I have a Define R4 case, and I wanted to use the "brackets" im making instead of directly mounting the SSD's to the holes in the mobo tray, and using somekind of springloaded pin system to secure the SSD to the bracket itself. I'm trying to copy the bracket idea from "the Define Project" case mod log, and here's a pic of what i wanted to do:

but with the spring loaded pin on the side holes to secure the SSD to the bracket instead of having to use actual screws there (the brackets will be screwed/bolted to the mobo tray).


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I'm not sure what you're trying to do here. Will velcro not work?
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Velcro will work, but I really want to make a bracket (im in a very making mood, and want to get started with working with metal, etc.)

The define R4 has two mounting spots behind the mobo tray for two 2.5" drives (2 SSD's). The only issue with it is that once the mobo and PSU are installed, it's impossible to get to the mounting holes to screw the 2.5" drives in. So, I wanted to copy someone who made a bracket back there using 90 degree angled aluminum that looks like this:

And drill holes into it where that line up to the mounting holes on the case/mobo tray. Then, on the sides that are sticking up, i'll drill holes that will line up with my SSD's side mounting holes..which I can screw the drives in. But, I didnt want to screw them in, but use somekind of springloaded pins to secure them in instead (mainly because it'll be easier than using a screwdriver to mount and dismount the drive). Realistically...I may just get some thumbscrews that may work too...but a spring loaded pin mounting system would be cooler.
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I see what you're saying. When the SSD is mounted, the screws are placed through the mobo tray and the heads will be covered by the mobo when it is installed. Took me a while to find an image of the off side of that case.

So, in reality you only really would need to unscrew the SSD drives on the off chance you'd have to replace them. Once every 5 years? If it were me I'd just go ahead and unscrew the mobo at that point.

For making a mount, ignore the existing holes. Cut a couple pieces of the aluminum to mount on either side of the SSD. One one side, drill holes appropriate to mount to the side holes of the SSD. [SSD] L <-aluminum like this (one on each side)
Drill the other side of the aluminum, drill holes for mounting it to your case. Assemble the brackets to the SSD and place it against the motherboard tray. Mark your hole locations. Drill the tray and install the brackets with the SSD in place. I recommend rivets or screws with a very low profile head on the mobo side of the tray. Make sure they don't come in contact with the board under any circumstances.
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