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So a simple answer is will you see a difference yeah if you do some high end photo and video editing and a lot of multitasking will you see a BIG! difference while gaming or doing day to day activities......not really. This is something that is really funny about the whole computer world people see a new socket released and go spend a lot $$$$$$ just to get 5 fps in league of legends or call of duty what ever it may be while a old system will do the same thing.

The only time to upgrade I find is when your system is not up to standard for what you want hell people kept telling me I needed to upgrade my core 2 duo and 9800gt but hey I was still able to play all they games they were I was still able to run multiple programs and render at the same time. But I made the choice to get something a bit more powerful because I found my system wasn't able to record and live stream games to my standard.