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I have the Steelseries 7G keyboard;

I cannot close the lid of my Raven RV01 computer Case due to the current PS/2 to USB adapter I have, so I purchased this:

Bytec BT-2000 adapter:

The only problem is when I plug in the Steelseries 7G ps2 male into the ps2 female of that Bytec BT-2000 adapter, I can only get the Steelseries 7G keyboard lights to "BLINK" and then they shut off and I get no functionality (it doesn't work; I cannot type).

Specifically, the "Num", "Caps", and "Scroll" indicator lights blink multiple times for about 5 secs then shut off, then nothing happens.

I could plug it in a bit deeper, since the PS2 of the Steelseries isn't fully plugged into the PS2 of that Bytec BT2000 adapter, but it's pretty "tight" and I don't want to force it and break those pins!!

Does anyone have this keyboard and that adapter? Or does anyone know what those lights blinking might be? Should I force the adapter a bit tighter, or are those pins very sensitive?

Please help!