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Mod NZXT Phantom for 3x120mm front intake.

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Is it possible / has anyone done a 3x120mm front intake to have a 360 rad in the front. I have a 480 external but want to switch to an internal so I can move the computer easier. I have measured it and I have already but out all the hdd cages and the 5.25 locations are cut down to just the top two slots. It seems like it would work, but i'd have to take and leave the front off till I made a new one.

TL:DR - 3x120mm front intake phantom possible?
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Yes, possible, but it's going to take a lot of custom fabrication work. What kind of tools do you have? And have you ever worked with plastics before?
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Anything is possible with the correct tools, materials and knowledge thumb.gif
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No, I've never worked with plastics before, and I have the "normal?" tools, saws-all and drill, dremel. The likes. I just wondered if anyone had, had a 3x120mm rad in the front of a phantom before. I shouldn't have to work with plastics though, the inside is all metal. I don't need the front plastic bit if that's what your talking about, and if it comes to it, I can just re-make the front out of aluminum or something If I want it back but with airflow holes in it.
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If it were me, I'd want to keep the slick lines of the Phantom. It'd be pretty tough to remake in metal. I would look into sectioning the front panel and drive bay cover into several pieces and putting them back together to form a much shorter door with all the existing hinge stuff still in place, then open up vent holes, keeping the form of the grilles already there. Then cover with a mesh that matches.

But to do that, you're going to need to be able to cut, glue, probably use Bondo or some other body filler, block and sand, paint, etc. I wouldn't touch that case with a sawz-all.
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Hm.... I could just use the left over mesh from the side panel.... Just make it a largerish (its a word now) front grill. Like, keep the same shape, cut the door for the two drive bays, glue the bottom half, cut the door, and insert mesh.
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I'd probably cut the front panel something like this:

You'd have to do some reworking to get the door sorted out, but it'd look really cool.
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Hmm... .I wasn't thinking about extending it under the door, though that is a great idea. Gimme a few days (and sharpies) and I may have to start a log. Thank you for you great ideas, i'll credit you if I do the log.
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