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Windows 8 and CPU overheats

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Hi everybody!

So I bought a HP Laptop (DV6 Pavilion 3180es) two years ago. He came with WIndows 7 x64 Home Premium, and everything runs too well.

One week ago, I took a Windows 8 key from my University (because MS are our partner), and I formated all my HDD and installed Windows 8 with HP's drives (for Win7 but It does not have any compatibility problem).

Today I turned on my laptop and, after 20min, it was so hot (you can make eggs in it biggrin.gif).

I saw CPU performance and it was so high... And I don't know why my friends can have windows 8 on their laptops with win7 drivers and I can't...

Could anyone know why?

Thanks smile.gif

PD.: technical references for my laptop -> http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c02513127&tmp_task=prodinfoCategory&cc=es&dlc=es&lc=es&os=4063&product=4301240&sw_lang= (i don't know if you see it in spanish or english...)
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Drivers vary from hardware to hardware, some of the Windows 7 drivers would work in Windows 8 and some won't.

I would contact HP's support and see if there have updated drivers available for Windows 8.

You can use other drivers which may or may not be optimal, but could improve performance.
I've found some for you: GPU, and for the processor. If you pull up more information on the components via the device manager, then you can download more Windows 8 drivers directly from the component manufacturers.

Good luck!
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I downloaded what you put there. AMD checker says to me that I have to contact to my laptop provider (How Can I install updated drivers that can make me switch between intel and ati graphic card?)

And Intel's tool says to me that my processor pass the test (in green)...
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Apparently Intel doesn't have any other drivers. What I thought were laptop drivers for the chipset/processor were graphics drivers, which you don't need. As for the AMD, I wonder if you can force an install.

I don't have any other suggestions besides calling hp.
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Don't worry. I found the problem:

Windows 8 needs a directx 9's compatible card. My Intel HD Graphic was but it has to get some power from processor, which means that it will be hot so soon. I came back to Windows 7 and I won't try anymore.

Thanks for all smile.gif
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I think this isn't the real reason of the overheating.....the Intel HD Graphic will take only some memory from the main memory for its frame buffer...not "cpu power". All GPUs of course requires "power" from CPUs. Maybe it simply didn't recognized properly the Intel Speedstep technology (maybe because of a Bios incompatibility with Win8) so maybe the CPU was always @ full speed...never going at lower frequencies!
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